Steven Robins

SteveRobinsSTEVEN ROBINS has been an astrologer for over 25 years. Based in Santa Cruz, CA, Robins’ practice is grounded in his observation of nature’s cycles — from the simple turning of the tides and seasons to the evolution of the epochs — and his interest in how these cycles affect our lives. Contact him at cosmiccircumstances.

What got you interested in astrology to begin with and how old were you at that time?

In 1974, when I was graduating the University of California at Santa Cruz, working on a senior thesis about the interrelationship of natural and social systems, a guy I met made a comment about that night’s full moon, which resonated with me. He said we take for granted how the alignment of the sun and moon affects the sea tides, and that the rest of the solar system creates energy tides on other levels. Made sense. I was 21. A couple years later I bought Jim Maynard’s “Celestial Influences” calendar, where the introductory material described astrology as musically counterbalancing planets moving through our natural seasonal cycle. Have followed it ever since.

What is your specialty (mundane, natal, financial) and why?

I am most interested in how the alignment of the solar system is creating tides of energy influence in our world, and how these developments are playing out in global developments and for individuals and their relationships. Whatever our unique inclinations and differences, the trends we are all living with are what most matters to me.

What do you think is the role of astrology in the modern world?

To explain how patterns of planetary alignment are creating natural influences in our lives, and to help people find comfort and support through understanding and acceptance.

What is your personal ethos regarding giving readings? For instance, do you believe you have a responsibility of some kind to instill hope in a client who may be coming for answers to difficult life crises?

While I only explore the unfolding energy tides and what influence they might bring, without giving specific advice or predicting outcomes, what is gained through understanding the unique ways this is affecting people, encouraging them to go along with the flow of nature for peace and success, with increased clarity, is inherently hopeful and helpful. That’s enough for me.

Are you able to make your living primarily from astrology? If so, how long did it take to get to the point where astrology provided an acceptable wage?

I do astrology for part of my income. It has taken many years of experience to feel comfortable giving personal readings, perhaps leading to more.

Has knowing what’s on the horizon for you astrologically ever functioned as an impediment to your spontaneity — for instance, knowing a potential partner’s chart?

If anything, having some knowledge of shifting energy tides and personal inclinations has sharpened my appreciation of the need to always be fresh and spontaneous, trusting the flow of nature. I once discovered a correction in someone’s chart and realized I had been “seeing” them incorrectly, and it reminded me to always respond to things as they are, whether we think we understand them or not.

What do you say to people who say they don’t believe in astrology?

It’s like saying you don’t believe in gravity. Reality doesn’t require proof to be true, though you might need proof to even think about it. In contemporary culture, astrology is popularly understood to mean predicting and prescribing according to the alignment of the planets (“stars,” as they call it), but in its essence astrology is merely the observation of how the unfolding patterns of planetary alignment seem to have consequence for life on earth. If science means drawing conclusions about nature based on systematic observation, then astrology is the first science (Genesis 1:14). It is reasonable that people without understanding of how it works (which I am glad to explain, without folklore or mythology), would fail to see how it could. In my view, it is not necessary, just interesting and helpful, to follow astrology.

 What sign are you?

I am Libra Sun, Pisces Moon, Aquarius rising. September 1952, heading into the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in Libra — reinforced dreams of love and harmony.